This was forwarded to me by my Aunt Doris and is really an optimal way to tackle something none of us wants to deal with:

1.)  Lift the lid and the sitty-ringy-thing and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the bowl.

2.)  Pick up cat and soothe into false sense of security whilst carrying towards bathroom.

3.)  In one smooth movement, insert cat into toilet, close lid.  Standing on top may be required.

4.)  Cats are self-agitating and will produce ample suds.  Ignore noises coming from toilet, they are, by default, for dramatic purposes and I assure you, the cat really enjoys this.

5.)  Flush toilet 3-4 times, resulting in a simulated power wash and rinse cycle.

6.)  Open front door to home, ensuring there are no people between bathroom and entry.

7.)  Stand behind toilet as far as possible, lift lid.

8.)  Self-propelling cat will rocket from toilet, streak through bathroom, and run outside to dry himself off.

9.)  You commode and cat are now springtime fresh.

This exclusive formula has been produced and is copyright-protected by THE DOG.