In the mortgage and lending world, the “Four C’s” pertains to the 4 base components in rendering a decision when approving a loan.  They are credit, capacity, collateral and capital.  When I was walking by an underwriting manager one day talking to one of my processors, he asked her what the 4 C’s were.  I, coming in partway through, didn’t realize they weren’t talking about shopping, so I jumped in and said, “Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity!”

Needless to say, I received an arched eyebrow from both of them.

Anyway, we have a new set of C’s now, and it is Civet Crap Choice Coffee, and at $35 for TWO OUNCES, it is now the most expensive coffee in the world… until we can start force-feeding coffee beans to minks like we’re making foie gras…

ThinkGeek :: Civet Crap Choice Coffee.