I really try to avoid too much political rant here on such a pretty site.  We’re all fried-out, and frankly, there’s nothing funny or fun about most of these stumblefucks at this point.  I used a lifetime’s worth of great material on The Stewardess, and frankly, I’m tapped-out.  There’s not even enough spit left for Michele, if that’s not gilding the lily too much.  Besides that, she’s about to go from Marcia to Jan in the non-blink of an eye as soon as The Jesus and Perry Chain hit the stage.

At any rate, I can’t resist it when the Fucking Retard Party does my job and comes up with the best self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot without even realizing it.  It just clunks out in a manner that would make Joe Biden and Prince Phillip almost sage with envy.  This is bumper sticker quality, folks, so don’t inhale too much.  The continued, deliberate, and repeated victimization of the uber rich really knows no boundaries.  Haven’t they suffered enough now that they have to hire expensive, legal, domestic help?  Wasn’t the domestic ban on Beluga enough to endure?

I, for one, am going to do my part.

I’m going to call Sally Struthers.  I’m going to see if she needs a cookie.

See? He's sad. ("Glycerine! I need more Glycerine!")

 Mitt Romney Heckled, Says Corporations ‘Are People, My Friend’ (VIDEO).