OK, I know.  NEVER go into a gourmet-type store when you’ve got a (literally) high case of the munchies.  Among other things, I came back with this… Sicilian Truffle Sea Salt.  Now, I’m a big salt fan, it’s basically like cocaine in our family, for the most part.  In fact, if you were to put a teaspoon of both in front of me and tell me I can have whatever one I want, but that will be it for the next 12 months…. I’m taking the salt.  Seriously.  If I want to be edgy and paranoid, there’s always work for that.

So here’s my dilemma:  WHAT do I do with it?  Truffles in some areas are wonderful.  My favorite duck liver pate with port from Marcel & Henri at Trader Joe’s has really big pieces of truffle in it, and it’s absolutely fabulous.  This, however, considering how little is in it, is remarkably pungent.

I’m still convinced I was drawn to nothing more than the color of the packaging.


Update:  OK, I tried it.  A little on a soft-boiled egg.  I cannot begin to describe how fucking ghastly this.  Don’t do it.  Seriously.

Online Store – Sabatino North America.