Before heading to Dubai, Geneva, Paris, and Hong Kong, ahead of the big auction in New York City in December, Christie’s started the exhibition at MOCA’s West Hollywood location at the Pacific Design Center.  They didn’t have everything in the catalogs because, face it, The Lizard liked her rocks and frocks and it would have required a substantial gallery space.  What was showing, however, was the most impressive collection since the Tower of London jewels or the King Tut exhibition that stopped in L.A. when I was a kid.  Out of the world’s most exclusive jewelers, clearly, Elizabeth favored Van Cleef & Arpels, followed by Bulgari.

These are the best photos I took of what was showing, including the 33 carat Krupp diamond ring.  The links below cover that legendary rock, as well as the official site for the exhibition, catalogs, and a really nice HD video.  The last link is to another entry here where I scanned the entire museum program for the show.

The 33.19 Carat Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (est. $2.5-3.5 million)

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

Chanel Ballgown, Shoes and Clutch (est. $6,000-8,000)

Bulgari Necklace & Pendant Brooch (est. $1.5-2.2 million)

Bulgari Ring, Earrings and Bracelet (est. $930,000-1,350,000 total)

Tiziani Kimono (est. $4-6k)

David Webb Bracelet and Necklace

Van Cleef & Arpels Suite (est. $200-300k) and Boucheron Art Nouveau Brooch (est. $10-15k)


10/18/11  I just realized last night that I had a couple pictures on my phone that actually turned out rather well, so here they are:

Antique Diamond Tiara from Mike Todd (est. $60-80k)

The Windsor Brooch, I'm assuming this was purchased at the Duchess of Windsor auction. (est. $400-600k)

Diamond and Ruby Cartier Suite

Diamond and Ruby Cartier Necklace (est. $200-300k)


Christie’s website for the auction:


History of the Krupp Diamond (aka The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond):


My other site showing the complete 8-page museum program: