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Robots, Chickens, Callista, and Math

Stepford Wives, eat your cold, black, hearts out!  🙂

Downton Abbey

It’s due.  I had no idea how much of a frenzy this show has actually caused, both in the United Kingdom, as well as here in the U.S.  Through means I can’t admit to, I’ve already seen the entire 2nd season before it even wrapped in Britain yesterday, and it doesn’t start here until January 8th.

I’ve sent emails to the show’s producers.  I appreciate their attention to quality over quantity, but honestly, EIGHT episodes is all we get until NEXT fall?  They obviously don’t understand the sterling silver crack they’ve served us and have subsequently created numerous addicts.  Fortunately, a 3rd season is already in pre-production, and they’ve even snagged Joanna Lumley for a cameo or two.


Here is the official site:


Here is the full 45 minute Q&A with some of the show’s cast while promoting the 2nd season in NYC a few weeks ago:


Here is the website for Highclere Castle, the “other” Downton Abbey star:


Also required are two GREAT British Comic Relief parodies featuring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley:


This is Asprey’s website, in case you’re in the market for lovely things:



Best. T-Shirt. Ever. (NSFW!)

Things That Make You Go BOO!

Courtesy of, and a fitting statement, considering the ones doing the most crying over this aren’t even IN the military in the first place.  🙂

The Surprising Thing Gay Soldiers Are Fighting For | MoveOn.Org.

Clint Eastwood: Marriage Tsar

I generally don’t get too political here, that’s what Huffington Post is for.  This is usually about art, design, and pretty, shiny things.  This site is basically a laser pointer for people.  But this… this is perfect.  I can almost hear him saying this right before someone gets their face pummeled like so much veal piccata…

Once again, leave it to Italy.  When I saw this, it occurred to me that there is a GAPING hole in the designer market aimed at retail sluts.  People are out there spending HUGE amounts of money on fabulous marble bathrooms with high-end chrome fixtures and Pratesi, Frette or Versace towels that cost a small mint.  So why are we falling short on the ass-end, so to speak?

Armani Casa, with its beiges, tans, blacks and grays, could clean up.  Literally.  Hermes as well, though this is probably too vulgar for them, despite the fact that France is still fascinated with those little jacuzzi’s for “the man in the boat”.  They already sell scented drawer liners, for crying out loud.  (Set of 5 sheets 16″x24″ is $45)

Then there’s the logo crowd.  I can already think of a few people who would wet themselves on the spot if they saw a roll of toilet paper with the canvas patterns of Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi.

So there’s another multi-million dollar idea I should have kept to myself.

Benvenuti in Seletti.

Dear Santa,

Thank you in advance.  Now I know you understand.  You know where the scotch is.


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Barbie Gets a Midlife Makeover

Call me a traditionalist, but I really think they should go back to “Sexist Auto Show Model Barbie” and leave well-enough alone.  This incarnation will be a horrifying tragedy 20 years from now, when “Barbie’s Palm Springs Retirement Village” is released, and her nipple rings are left gently resting on her knees while sipping a Harvey Wallbanger on a chaise by the pool.

Barbie gets a tattoo makeover –