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Below are 3 of 12 large-sized pictures that Huffington Post ran about an exhibition running in New York City.  84 photos in all are on display at Eataly New York on 5th Avenue. (

Frank Sinatra, Rome, 1958

Brigitte Bardot, Rome, 1956

Clark Gable, Rome, 1959

Evelyne Politanoff: La Dolce Vita. 1950-1960. Stars and Celebrities in the Italian Fifties.

Three friends, who love Disneyland and know what they’re doing with a camera, have compiled an AMAZING gallery of pictures from Disneyland, the California Adventure, and Downtown Disney.  Trust me and click it.  🙂

Disneyland Resort Photos – Disneyland Resort Photos | SmugMug.

Archipelago Candles

This is the Official Candle of The Hardyman Files.  Archipelago Botanicals “Pacifica”.  One of the best “rain” scented candles, if you’re familiar with the description.  I’ve had these with me in Greece and the last two trips to Mexico.  Now it’s not traveling without one.  🙂

Good things are worth waiting for, starting with electronically-controlled tinted windows and a nice 2-4-2 seat configuration in the main cabin.

Interior Photo Tour of ANA’s First Boeing 787 Dreamliner | Airline Reporter | Blogging on the airline business.

Although the lattice work from the inside is intriguing, my vote still rests with the Hermes Why Yacht…

Voronoi, The Most Beautiful Yacht in the World ? | Kardinal Marine.

World’s most exotic hotels.




OK, now this hotel has my attention.  🙂





Signature Suites at the Disneyland Hotel: Mickey Mouse Penthouse « Disney Parks Blog.

Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico


Even Hermes and Asprey don’t get this carried away with travel game prices, and they make better stuff…


Airbus ‘Invisible’ Concept Plane Revealed As Future of Commercial Flight – AOL Travel News.