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I don’t know why I’m even surprised, considering a crocodile Birkin bag went for auction this week for over $200,000 complete with solid gold and diamond-encrusted hardware and locks.  This, however, looks like a great weapon for $69,500.

Gold Jewelry Hermès Bracelets – Jewelry.

An interesting post-atomic-age vase (with a matching bowl and centerpiece.)

There’s an article about how Michele Bachmann once babysat for someone named Gretchen Carlson.  Fine.  I don’t give a shit, the link’s at the bottom if you’re so interested.

What got my attention was this black-and-white picture that appears to be Michele REALLY excited to try something out.  All I could picture was the quote I put below it.  My world is a cartoon.  🙂

"If she sinks, she's NOT a witch!"

File this under “Very nice, but about 15 years too late.”  Some of it is pretty slick, actually, considering I can’t stand what Donatella has done to Versace since her brother’s untimely demise.  Ultimately, however, it looks as cheap as everything else she’s been doing lately.  The Kardashians will be thrilled, whoever they are…

Best. T-Shirt. Ever. (NSFW!)

For ONE James Bond enthusiast, and no one else.  Asprey’s bookbinding department got their hands on a complete set of 1st edition James Bond novels, rebound them in leather and added platinum-gilt pages.  Yours for 21,000 Pounds, or about $33,600 give or take.  🙂

To understand mass hysteria, one only needs to search for iPhone accessories.  Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon, including the high-end dealers.  Most of the fancy lot, like Vuitton or Gucci, offer flat, snug-fitting slip cases where the entire device must be removed for use.

Enter Valextra, aka the Italian Hermes.  They’ve produced a “Star Trek communicator” in their signature leather with black piping.  This one is $320 and there are others, as well.  Barney’s New York has the rights in the U.S. otherwise you need to waltz into one of their showrooms in Italy, drat the luck!,default,sc.html?q=valextra&start=0&sz=195

THERE!  Never let it be said that I never said anything nice about this silly bunt!

Open for several years now, this is hands-down one of the best places in the area for food, atmosphere, wine and entertainment.  And now they come with a brand new website as well!

This is a full scan of a promotional booklet that Monsanto put together in 1968 for the tragically now-deceased Tomorrowland attraction “Adventure Thru Inner Space” at Disneyland.  Besides great renderings of the ride, there’s also lovely and informative blurbs on Monsanto and the concept of “better living through chemistry”.  The first 2 images are the front and back postcard covers, while the rest is the actual booklet inside.  At the bottom is the best ATIS website on the planet, as well…