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Hermès just launched a new website to showcase their new documentary that recently premiered on The Sundance Channel, “Hearts and Crafts: The People That Make Hermès.  It’s 45 minutes long and focuses on some of their top craftsmen and how they got where they are.  It also shows how only one person starts and finishes their saddles and bags, some of which have waiting lists ranging from several months to several years in the case of certain Birkin and Kelly bags.  Also covered is the silkscreen process for their 36” scarves, most of which are elaborate enough to justify framing.


Anyone can buy an LV canvas Keepall.  But can you bespoke?

Profile: Louis Vuitton Bespoke Luggage – Page 1 | Luxury Insider – The Online Luxury Magazine.



We’re at a point that’s making the 80’s look like the 50’s.  🙂

Lounging at 30,000ft: Bespoke Jet Interiors – Page 1 | Luxury Insider – The Online Luxury Magazine.