If Hermes is necessity, then Bijan is luxury, and truly the last example of “if you have to ask then you REALLY can’t afford it.”  Bijan, is still open for business (by appoinment only still) on Rodeo Drive after all these years and is still the only shop on the street I’ve never had the balls to saunter into.  Need a Colt .45 with an 18 karat gold barrel?  Or maybe a saddle… in crocodile?  He’s even teamed up with Rolls Royce with some custom leather interiors in his signature yellow-gold.

The website is the most thorough collection of interior shots of the legendary store, including the Baccarat chandelier laced with a few hundred bottles of Bijan’s first perfume, as well as pictures of Bijan with virtually every world leader over the past 30 years who has crossed his threshold.  In that department, Bijan has easily trumped the guest list of the famed and now-closed Giorgio Beverly Hills.