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Robots, Chickens, Callista, and Math

Stepford Wives, eat your cold, black, hearts out!  🙂

Trader Joe’s made a deal with Annie Chun, who’s real name is likely Muriel Rabinowicz from the Upper East Side, to repackage these little gems under their own label, and they are REALLY good!  They can be pan-fried or used in soup, but because of the texture of the wrapper, they work perfectly in the microwave of all things.  5-6 at a time take 60 seconds and there’s an easy formula on the back, which is a lot like a tempura dipping sauce (I add a squeeze of lime, it goes well with both soy sauce and cilantro):

2 Tblsp Soy sauce

2 Tblsp water

1 Tblsp rice wine vinegar

1 Tblsp brown sugar


Long story short, don’t pick up just one bag!


Chicken Pozole Verde

I made this once and it’s phenomenal! Basically, it’s salsa verde with chicken and hominy.

Mexican Chicken Pozole Verde | gas•tron•o•my.