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I don’t know why I’m even surprised, considering a crocodile Birkin bag went for auction this week for over $200,000 complete with solid gold and diamond-encrusted hardware and locks.  This, however, looks like a great weapon for $69,500.

Gold Jewelry Hermès Bracelets – Jewelry.

The Winning iPhone 4G Cover

To understand mass hysteria, one only needs to search for iPhone accessories.  Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon, including the high-end dealers.  Most of the fancy lot, like Vuitton or Gucci, offer flat, snug-fitting slip cases where the entire device must be removed for use.

Enter Valextra, aka the Italian Hermes.  They’ve produced a “Star Trek communicator” in their signature leather with black piping.  This one is $320 and there are others, as well.  Barney’s New York has the rights in the U.S. otherwise you need to waltz into one of their showrooms in Italy, drat the luck!



Once again, leave it to Italy.  When I saw this, it occurred to me that there is a GAPING hole in the designer market aimed at retail sluts.  People are out there spending HUGE amounts of money on fabulous marble bathrooms with high-end chrome fixtures and Pratesi, Frette or Versace towels that cost a small mint.  So why are we falling short on the ass-end, so to speak?

Armani Casa, with its beiges, tans, blacks and grays, could clean up.  Literally.  Hermes as well, though this is probably too vulgar for them, despite the fact that France is still fascinated with those little jacuzzi’s for “the man in the boat”.  They already sell scented drawer liners, for crying out loud.  (Set of 5 sheets 16″x24″ is $45)

Then there’s the logo crowd.  I can already think of a few people who would wet themselves on the spot if they saw a roll of toilet paper with the canvas patterns of Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi.

So there’s another multi-million dollar idea I should have kept to myself.

Benvenuti in Seletti.

Hermès just launched a new website to showcase their new documentary that recently premiered on The Sundance Channel, “Hearts and Crafts: The People That Make Hermès.  It’s 45 minutes long and focuses on some of their top craftsmen and how they got where they are.  It also shows how only one person starts and finishes their saddles and bags, some of which have waiting lists ranging from several months to several years in the case of certain Birkin and Kelly bags.  Also covered is the silkscreen process for their 36” scarves, most of which are elaborate enough to justify framing.


The Hermes Scarf

This is a new website that is obviously nothing more than a marketing ploy for Hermes scarves and enamel bracelets.  So what?  🙂  It’s the best collection of high resolution images of the current collections, including all color variations.  Forget about wearing these… They need to be framed.

» Paris mon ami « Paris Mon Ami — Hermès.

Leave it to Hermes to create an $8,500 baseball glove exclusively for their only dedicated men’s store across from the NYC flagship.


If Hermes is necessity, then Bijan is luxury, and truly the last example of “if you have to ask then you REALLY can’t afford it.”  Bijan, is still open for business (by appoinment only still) on Rodeo Drive after all these years and is still the only shop on the street I’ve never had the balls to saunter into.  Need a Colt .45 with an 18 karat gold barrel?  Or maybe a saddle… in crocodile?  He’s even teamed up with Rolls Royce with some custom leather interiors in his signature yellow-gold.

The website is the most thorough collection of interior shots of the legendary store, including the Baccarat chandelier laced with a few hundred bottles of Bijan’s first perfume, as well as pictures of Bijan with virtually every world leader over the past 30 years who has crossed his threshold.  In that department, Bijan has easily trumped the guest list of the famed and now-closed Giorgio Beverly Hills.


You knew it would happen.  The iPad cover from Rodeo Drive.  Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon with their offerings.  Some are quite nice, some are quite expensive.  It’s no surprise that Hermes would find a way to produce the costliest calfskin cover on the market, coming in at $1,400.  Meanwhile, Coach, of all places, seems to have turned out the nicest zip-around case with a briefcase-style handle for the bargain price of $198.  Enjoy.










Maybe it’s the letter “H”, but for some reason, this pattern speaks to me.  Quelle surprise, no?  🙂

A tribute to the birthplace of Hermès: 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris. Taking you to the heart of the boutique’s architecture where each decoration reflects the lively patterns of colours and light of the famous boutique’s floor..

If you look at the world’s best high-end luxury houses, I don’t think you’re going to find a men’s leather wallet with this level of detailing.  Not Gucci, not Louis Vuitton, not Alfred Dunhill.  Even Hermes, in all of its Divine splendor, doesn’t stitch the top edges of the credit card slots.  Not even for $1,000, which is what a basic calfskin wallet will run you there.  EVERYBODY simply turns the top edges over, glues them, and scores a line across the top where the stitching should be.

This one below runs a whopping $75.  (But if you want to class it up, they’re more than  happy to make one on demand in alligator for about $620.)

Mulholland Luxury Leather Goods | All Leather Small Classic Billfold.