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OK, I’ve covered the high-end offerings from the likes of Gucci and Vuitton.  Let’s face it, they’re mostly not entirely functional and either involve a book-style cover or an envelope that requires the unit to be slid in and out each time you want to use it.  Yes, I realize that sounds, well, dirty.  You’ll live.  🙂

So now, here’s a functional and affordable leather version of what the damn thing came with in the first place and is still the best design overall…


The Elecom Faucet stand…

Elecom Faucet iPad/iPhone Stand: Go with the Flow – Technabob.

You knew it would happen.  The iPad cover from Rodeo Drive.  Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon with their offerings.  Some are quite nice, some are quite expensive.  It’s no surprise that Hermes would find a way to produce the costliest calfskin cover on the market, coming in at $1,400.  Meanwhile, Coach, of all places, seems to have turned out the nicest zip-around case with a briefcase-style handle for the bargain price of $198.  Enjoy.










Gucci Meets iPad

You knew it was only a matter of time.  From the new “Fiat 500” line…

Gucci – iPad case. 256575FOO7N1060.


Pantone Meets the iPhone and iPad:  I tripped over this at the Harvey Nichols London website, looks like this stuff should be in the U.S. shortly…

Case Scenario – Show all Collection.





Leave it to the Birkin Bitches to break the record  for overpriced designer iPad covers.  Until someone offers a model in crocodile.

Hermes leather cases for iPad | Hermes.com.