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Louis Vuitton canvases and leathers look a LOT better when used to create animals.  🙂

Billie Achilleos’ Leather Goods Animals at Deyrolle – YouTube.

I’m going to have to give out another KFC Award (Keep Fuckin’ that Chicken), this time to Karl Lagerfeld.  I just tripped over this article from November, 2008.  How times have changed.  Poor Mr. Lagerfeld spent over $10,000 on this one custom Louis Vuitton Taiga leather trunk to hold 22 iPods… and all of this can be replaced by a one little ol’ bitty terrabyte USB drive to the tune of about $69!  🙂

Karl Lagerfeld’s Bespoke Vuitton iPod Trunk.

You knew it would happen.  The iPad cover from Rodeo Drive.  Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon with their offerings.  Some are quite nice, some are quite expensive.  It’s no surprise that Hermes would find a way to produce the costliest calfskin cover on the market, coming in at $1,400.  Meanwhile, Coach, of all places, seems to have turned out the nicest zip-around case with a briefcase-style handle for the bargain price of $198.  Enjoy.










Anyone can buy an LV canvas Keepall.  But can you bespoke?

Profile: Louis Vuitton Bespoke Luggage – Page 1 | Luxury Insider – The Online Luxury Magazine.