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There’s an article about how Michele Bachmann once babysat for someone named Gretchen Carlson.  Fine.  I don’t give a shit, the link’s at the bottom if you’re so interested.

What got my attention was this black-and-white picture that appears to be Michele REALLY excited to try something out.  All I could picture was the quote I put below it.  My world is a cartoon.  🙂

"If she sinks, she's NOT a witch!"


THERE!  Never let it be said that I never said anything nice about this silly bunt!

I would go as far as suggesting that this should be addressed to ANYONE who takes issue with doing something so very American.  It’s things like this that brought us here in the first place, ya’ daft twats!  🙂

Clint Eastwood: Marriage Tsar

I generally don’t get too political here, that’s what Huffington Post is for.  This is usually about art, design, and pretty, shiny things.  This site is basically a laser pointer for people.  But this… this is perfect.  I can almost hear him saying this right before someone gets their face pummeled like so much veal piccata…

This pretty-much nails what I’ve been predicting for months now.  There is hope.  🙂

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