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Shag & The Haunted Mansion

Since the most hits on this site are usually Shag or Disney-related, I thought this was overdue, even though these were released two years ago.  I’ve shown a few here in the past, but thought, why not just show the whole series in one spot?  So, here it is, the complete collection of Shag’s originals and serigraphs for Disneyland’s 40th anniversary of The Haunted Mansion (plus one for Disney World so they don’t feel left out, since it’s their 40th right now)…

From Le 40th Anniversary d’Panthere Pinque…

In honor of this legendary Frank Lloyd Wright house in Los Angeles, which finally found a buyer who has pledged to restore it to a showplace again…







Fish Story.

Hand Pulled: The Complete Prints of Shag.



Shag and Disney World

Walt Disney World Anniversary.



Go Sammy!