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Shag & The Haunted Mansion

Since the most hits on this site are usually Shag or Disney-related, I thought this was overdue, even though these were released two years ago.  I’ve shown a few here in the past, but thought, why not just show the whole series in one spot?  So, here it is, the complete collection of Shag’s originals and serigraphs for Disneyland’s 40th anniversary of The Haunted Mansion (plus one for Disney World so they don’t feel left out, since it’s their 40th right now)…

This is an outstanding “Map of the Homes” and photo guide for some killer post-war architecture in and around Los Angeles.  Much of it is VERY Hollywood Hills.  “Bugs Bunny Modernism,” basically.  🙂

The Case Study House Map of Los Angeles – Curbed Map – Curbed LA.

Of all times to be in New York City, this is one of them.  A building that was almost demolished will be open for a whopping THREE HOURS this coming Sunday.  Dammit!

Architizer Blog » Blog Archive » Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal Will Open to the Public on Sunday.

Hand Pulled: The Complete Prints of Shag.



Mid-Century in Animation

Here’s a neat little blurb on the marriage of 50’s animation with mid-century arhitecture and interiors…

Animation Backgrounds: LONG-HAIRED HARE (Warner Bros., 1948).







Like a chrome Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, I must possess this so I can point at it and go, “Mmmm.  Shiny.”  It’s like spinning Q-Tips in you ear.  It’s that good.

Nicholas Brawer Gallery – Giant Cold War-era Naval Binoculars – Imperial Japanese Navy Nighttime Torpedo Spotting Binoculars – Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer Binoculars – Imperial Japanese Army Battery Commander’s Binoculars.



Hardyman-approved art, from Shag’s Palm Springs series: