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File this under “Very nice, but about 15 years too late.”  Some of it is pretty slick, actually, considering I can’t stand what Donatella has done to Versace since her brother’s untimely demise.  Ultimately, however, it looks as cheap as everything else she’s been doing lately.  The Kardashians will be thrilled, whoever they are…


Below are 3 of 12 large-sized pictures that Huffington Post ran about an exhibition running in New York City.  84 photos in all are on display at Eataly New York on 5th Avenue. (http://eatalyny.com/)

Frank Sinatra, Rome, 1958

Brigitte Bardot, Rome, 1956

Clark Gable, Rome, 1959

Evelyne Politanoff: La Dolce Vita. 1950-1960. Stars and Celebrities in the Italian Fifties.

Gucci Museo


A gucci museum opening up as we speak for their 90th anniversary is just one more reason to go to Florence.  But DAMN, this is a big space!



Gucci – world of gucci.





Maserati GranCabrio Fendi Edition.








It remains unclear whether or not these transform into anything.  Either way, they look just aggressive enough, as if to say, “Don’t fuck with me.”

Lamborghini Cnossus | 2010 | Transportation-Car Design | Gallery | Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD in Milan, Italy.

Maserati GranCabrio Sport

I thought I wanted an Alfa Romeo Spyder, but I think I like this a little better…

GranCabrio Sport.