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From all of the individual Pop Shop serigraphs came 6 suites of 4 prints each, released from 1987-1990.  The full gallery of ALL paintings and printed editions can be found at www.keithharing.com, which is where these came from.

Shag & The Haunted Mansion

Since the most hits on this site are usually Shag or Disney-related, I thought this was overdue, even though these were released two years ago.  I’ve shown a few here in the past, but thought, why not just show the whole series in one spot?  So, here it is, the complete collection of Shag’s originals and serigraphs for Disneyland’s 40th anniversary of The Haunted Mansion (plus one for Disney World so they don’t feel left out, since it’s their 40th right now)…

This is an outstanding “Map of the Homes” and photo guide for some killer post-war architecture in and around Los Angeles.  Much of it is VERY Hollywood Hills.  “Bugs Bunny Modernism,” basically.  🙂

The Case Study House Map of Los Angeles – Curbed Map – Curbed LA.

Once again, leave it to Italy.  When I saw this, it occurred to me that there is a GAPING hole in the designer market aimed at retail sluts.  People are out there spending HUGE amounts of money on fabulous marble bathrooms with high-end chrome fixtures and Pratesi, Frette or Versace towels that cost a small mint.  So why are we falling short on the ass-end, so to speak?

Armani Casa, with its beiges, tans, blacks and grays, could clean up.  Literally.  Hermes as well, though this is probably too vulgar for them, despite the fact that France is still fascinated with those little jacuzzi’s for “the man in the boat”.  They already sell scented drawer liners, for crying out loud.  (Set of 5 sheets 16″x24″ is $45)

Then there’s the logo crowd.  I can already think of a few people who would wet themselves on the spot if they saw a roll of toilet paper with the canvas patterns of Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi.

So there’s another multi-million dollar idea I should have kept to myself.

Benvenuti in Seletti.

Hermès just launched a new website to showcase their new documentary that recently premiered on The Sundance Channel, “Hearts and Crafts: The People That Make Hermès.  It’s 45 minutes long and focuses on some of their top craftsmen and how they got where they are.  It also shows how only one person starts and finishes their saddles and bags, some of which have waiting lists ranging from several months to several years in the case of certain Birkin and Kelly bags.  Also covered is the silkscreen process for their 36” scarves, most of which are elaborate enough to justify framing.




Louis Vuitton canvases and leathers look a LOT better when used to create animals.  🙂

Billie Achilleos’ Leather Goods Animals at Deyrolle – YouTube.

Although the lattice work from the inside is intriguing, my vote still rests with the Hermes Why Yacht…

Voronoi, The Most Beautiful Yacht in the World ? | Kardinal Marine.

Pantone Luggage Tags

Show your design geekiness and spot your luggage easily at the same time.  I’m a 15-4825 guy, myself (Blue Curacao.)

ColourStuff> Colour Stuff > Pantone merchandise > Pantone Universe Luggage Tag.



You Put Your Ass In It

I guess I’m easy to impress.  I like it when the water is blue.  (Though, this first picture is kind of interesting.)  🙂

Sitting down? The world’s most extreme toilets – Technology & science – Tech and gadgets – Luxury Tech – msnbc.com.







Weird and Wacky Furniture By Straight Line Designs | DeMilked.